People who want to visit Colleoni's hometown have to pass under the city walls to get Colle Aperto and then take Via Colleoni if they want to visit the mainly artistic attractions of this picturesque city of North Italy. These include the Duomo and the Baptistery. Before enjoying the sights of art and landscape people quite often prefer starting their trip with a delicious ice-cream. Exactly at the entrance of the old town center is the "Cherubino" ice-cream shop.In the 80s at the end of his military service, Pierangelo Suardi, a 46 years old ice-cream maker, started to work in the ice-cream shop of his father in law to be (Costantino Amboni), one of the first ice-cream makers in Bergamo. Costantino Amboni's workroom was in Azzano San Paolo, where Pierangelo Suardi stayed for ten years learning always better ways of how to make ice-cream along with other secrets of pastry making. During his years of apprenticeship he also attended a lot of refresher professional courses that helped him to improve his knowledge. In the end with his wife Enrica he opened an ice-cream shop of their own. The never-ending flood of tourists made them think about moving. So in 1997 they got the chance to open a new place at the entrance of the old town center: the Cherubino ice-cream shop. From may till september the ice-cream shop in the point of reference for families and young people. First of all on saturdays and sundays when the ice-cream shop is packed-out thanks to its strategical position even if there's no sign, no tables which can attract people's attention in some ways. The place is not very big, there's space enough for the showcase where the forty flavours of ice-cream are usually placed. It's not the size that makes the shop striking, but the use of wooden furniture which makes the room comfortable and also fitting it harmoniously in the context of the old town center.
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